Here's a selection of the stories I've had published online. I'll try to keep this up to date, but websites do have an unfortunate habit of blinking out of existence every so often. Please let me know if you spot any broken links.


Last of the Sand Dragons
(Second-placed in the 2015 H.E. Bates Short Story Competition)
A man travels to the coast to sculpt a sand dragon as part of a special ritual.

The Boatman
A 101-word ghost story with a watery theme.

So the Dead Rose from the Grave
(Winner of the 2013 The New Writer Microfiction Competition)
The dead rise - but are they the only zombies roaming the streets? [You'll find the story on page 35 of this digital edition of the magazine.]

Us: A Retrospective 
(Winner of the 2010 Chapter One International Short Story Competition, re-published by Jersey Devil Press, February 2013)
A couple visit an art gallery dedicated to their relationship.

(Commended in the 2012 Seán Ó Faoláin Competition)
Being a superhero is harder than it looks.

Hotel Subterraneana
(2nd in the Writers' Forum monthly competition, November 2010; 2nd in Ether Books' Halloween Contest, October 2012)*
A guest's room disappears, but soon he realises that's the least of his troubles...
(Note that you'll need to download the free Ether Books app on your iPhone or Android phone. Once that's installed, search for me and download the story, also for free)

Spontaneous Human Combustion
(Winner at Flash500, August 2012)
Remembering a grandfather who went out with a bang.

Hayley Jackson Will Not Be Drinking This Evening
(The View From Here, June 2012)
A young woman trapped in a self-destructive cycle looks for her moment to break free.

Just Jeff
(Every Day Fiction, January 2012)
An ordinary superhero wishes he could be something more.

Anatomy of a Crime
(, September 2011)*
An evening's body-snatching takes a grim turn.

(Defenestration, August 2010)*
A spoof restaurant review, which is almost - but not quite - as pretentious and overblown as a real one.

Changeover Day
(Every Day Fiction, March 2010)*
A god whose time on Earth has come to an end looks back on his achievements. Also available as a podcast.

One Street Corner Too Soon
(The Guardian, August 2009)*
It's the kind of night when Important Things happen, but will everything go to plan?

Brave Jack
(Spread the Word, 2005)*
My first published story - a 50-word microstory with a nautical flavour.

* These stories are also featured in the anthology, Somewhere to Start From

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