Saturday 1 December 2012

We Have A Winner!

Firstly, prepare your competition and let it simmer for a week or so.

Then, take one list of names:

Substitute them for Scrabble tiles:

Tip into a suitable container:

And mix thoroughly.

Finally, recruit a glamorous assistant to select one of the tiles at random:

... All of which is a fairly long-winded way of saying that the 100th blogiversary copy of Somewhere to Start From has been won by SJI Holliday!

Well done! Please get in touch (a DM via Twittter or a message on Facebook) to let me know your address and I'll get the book sent to you ASAP. Also, please let me know whether you'd like it signed, dedicated, etc.

Thank you to everybody who expressed interest in the anthology - I've been really pleased with the response to this draw. I hope you'll stay tuned for some more news about the collection, too; hopefully I'll able to spill the beans within the next seven days.


Patsy said...

Not me? *wahhhh*

Like your selection method though - very organised.

liz young said...

Good plan - what would you have done if there'd been more than 26?

Dan Purdue said...

Commiserations, Patsy. Many thanks for mentioning the giveaway on your blog, though.

Lizy, good point - there are blank tiles in Scrabble, so I could have coped with 27. Any more than that, though, and I'd have had to resort to screwed up bits of paper, which would be far less elegant!

SJIHolliday said...

Ooooooooh!!! Wowsers - just saw this! Thank you :) I'll DM you my address, but I definitely want it signed... Might be worth a few bob on eBay one day ;)

Dan Purdue said...

Congratulations, Susi! I've got your DM so I'll send the book tomorrow. I hope you enjoy it. I'll be very happy to sign it although I can't guarantee the value will ever increase - I'll be doing my very best, though! :o)

Helen Baggott said...

O...? Who nicked me T?!

Dan Purdue said...

Oops, sorry Helen! As you can see from the Scrabble tiles, Ts are in short supply!