Sunday 31 October 2010

Godzilla Finds Home in Battered Suitcase

Don't worry, this blog hasn't been hijacked by a headline writer from the Sunday Sport. My story, A Night In with Zil, has been accepted by The Battered Suitcase, a magazine published by Vagabondage Press. They haven't given me a publishing date yet, but I'm very pleased to have placed this story as it's one I'm very fond of.

So I've been filling out the paperwork (contract, author profile, etc) to make it all official. I'm still at the stage where all this kind of stuff is quite exciting. I'm sure eventually it'll become a tedious chore, but for the moment I'm happy to enjoy it. The thing I like best is that they invite their contributors to answer a few questions about their writing - so I'm regarding it as my first writing-based interview. I've no idea if they'll use what I've sent them. I'm already a bit concerned that the things I've said will make me seem like a complete idiot with no idea what I'm doing. Ah, well...

Oh, and I didn't get anywhere in the Biscuit Publishing Flash Fiction Competition (results out today). Maybe next year.


Gillian said...

Great news for mag and interview etc. I came across your blog through write-invite. Gave it a little mention on my artywords blog - hope this ok.
ps dont know why our heads are chopped off the 'follow' pic - I'm the old one btw, the young one is my daughter.

Dan Purdue said...

Hi Jill, many thanks for dropping by. I'm delighted you've mentioned this blog, and intrigued at the chain that led you here from WriteInvite - seems like everyone's only a few clicks away from everyone else these days.

I'm undecided whether that's a good thing, but I'm very pleased to 'meet' you nonetheless.