Monday 13 September 2010

I'm not superstitious, but...

This afternoon I walked down into town to buy some cereal and to get some exercise after being stuck in the house all day. It was raining, a bit. I noticed an A4 poster pinned to a telegraph pole - it was one of those 'Lost Cat' posters, with a photo of a black and white cat on it.

Artist's impression of Lost Cat poster

The Bridport Prize results are announced soon - at least the winners and shortlisted authors should be informed in the next couple of weeks. It is, of course, just about every writer's dream to get onto that shortlist. My entry is a story about a bloke who goes out in the rain to pin lost cat posters (for a black and white cat) to telegraph poles. So, the fact that I saw such a poster at this point in time can only mean one thing...

It's a sign!

...and I must have won the Bridport Prize. That's the only logical conclusion, which is exciting. Of course, I will be seriously disappointed if it turns out to be a false sign and I haven't actually won the Bridport Prize after all. Even more disappointed than usual.

P.S. I hope whoever put up the poster finds their cat soon. I also hope it's not quite as creepy a cat as the one I've used for my reconstruction above. That cat knows far too much; you can tell by the look on its face.


Nik Perring said...

Hope it's a good omen! Good luck!

Dan Purdue said...

Hi Nik, thanks for dropping by.

To be honest I'm not putting a lot of faith in this 'sign', but the coincidence made me smile.

Teresa Stenson said...

This reminds me of a poster I saw online, a 'Have you seen this dog?' poster, with a photo, usual stuff, but underneath it said: 'Because it is AWESOME!'

I still have a laugh every now and again at that.

But yes, Dan - good luck, good luck, good luck.